Frequently Asked Questions

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Your Credit Score
This article explains how your credit score is determined by the credit bureaus.  Higher Score = Better Loan Rates.

Know the Terms
Understanding the terms involved in mortgage lending can give you an advantage when you start to work with lenders.

Pre-Approval vs Pre-Qualification
A pre-approval can give you a negotiating advantage when shopping for your new home - shop with confidence!

Home Buying Basics and Process
A flowchart on the basics of the home buying and what to expect.

Understanding the Loan Estimate
The Loan Estimate should be a close estimate to the actual closing costs of your loan.  Understand what the lender does and doesn't control and what they may not disclose to you.  A great primer as you shop.

Why use  About Our Company
Information on and why we are a wise choice as your partner when you are financing your home.

Mortgage Calculators
Calculate your payments.